Welcome to our class updates page.....

Ms. Eagney's class had a great week preparing for Halloween. They learned a Halloween "cup" song, they carved a pumpkin together, created some beautiful Halloween art, performed in a Halloween Dress-up fashion show and played in the "Haunted House".

                                               Happy Halloween! 

Ms. Brophy's class showed us their fantastic costumes for Halloween!

Ms. Brophy's class went outside recently and planted some beautiful tulips and daffodils. When they went back into the classroom they used this experience to help with their procedural writing on how to plant a flower! We cant wait to see these bloom in the Spring!

Ms. Waterstone's class made delicious brownies! We used our math's skills to measure out all the ingredients! We definitely have some future bakers in our midst! Gorgeous! Yum Yum!

Ms. Naughton's class enjoying some Maths week activities.

They created their own emoji-themed Maths puzzles.

Have a go at solving some of them!

Ms. Waterstone's class had lots of fun today making clay monsters with Mr. Daly! We will miss him when he goes!

Ms. McDonagh's 1st class enjoying Maths actvities and AIT FUN damentals