thought ‘Peace Proms’ was thrilling and generally amazing. I felt extremely happy during the entire trip. I was very impressed with the number of people who showed up. I saw lots of different schools there. I think one of my favourite parts was when we sang ’Ireland’s Call’ at the end. (Milena)…We left for Dublin  9.30 am approximately. We arrived at 12. I felt so so excited! I saw the other schools from Ireland. I was quite impressed at how well we sang and did the movements. My absolute favourite part was when we sang ‘The Bare Necessities’. (Cassia)…My favourite part of the whole concert was the Irish Dancers and the girl singing. They were so good! I felt so happy! The phone lights went on at the same time. (Jessica)…There was an enormous crowd so I wasn’t able to see my parents. My favourite song was ‘The Pirates of the Caribbean’.  (Cathal)…’Peace Proms was amazing!I loved every part of it ;-being on the bus,stage, ’Apple Green’-it was fantastic! My favourite part was singing on the stage and my favourite song was ‘Together we are one’……I loved ‘Peace Proms’, if I could do it again, I would. (Jorja)…I was really impressed with the Irish Dancers when they started to dance…..I had lots of fun on the way home on the bus talking with my friends and playing some games. (Amy Q) …Going to the R.D.S was cool! It was really big. I liked the orchestra and the songs. The soloists were really good. (Luke W)…My favourite part of the concert was when all the flashlights came on for ‘Heal the World’. My favourite songs were ‘Heal the World’ and ‘Together we are One’ (Alex R)…Peace Proms 2017 was great ! I had an amazing time. At the concert, the orchestra played well. I got to eat lots of sweets and talk to my friends. (Owen)…On the way back, we stopped at ‘Apple Green’. We were allowed to bring €10. Overall it was a really good experience.(Sarah)… I went to bed earlier than usual as I was going to ‘Peace Proms’….When we got to the stadium, it was roasting from the lights! (Shane)…I liked the crowd roaring at us and clapping. I liked the musicians playing their instruments. I liked the way we sang ‘Heal the World’. (Makar)…My favourite part was when the people playing in the orchestra performed…My favourite song was ‘The Best day of my Life’ (Tierna)…..

I liked the ‘Peace Proms’ because it was a lot of fun. It was a lot of fun during the performance because there wasn’t just us singing on our own, there were hundreds of different schools. The lighting was very cool and it looked like everyone was wearing a top with yellow dots on it. (Diarmad)…When we got to ‘Peace Proms’, my favourite song was ‘Ireland’s Call’ (I was able to sing all the high notes!) (Raonaid)…We started the performance and the orchestra were great. The show lasted a very long time. (Zach)…The ‘Peace Proms’ was a fun experience. My favourite part was ‘Apple Green’ because we got to go to ‘Burger King’ and ‘Costa’. It was good to spend time with my friends. (Maria).About a week ago, two Fifth classes and the Fourth class went to take part in ‘Peace Proms’. The bus journey felt like forever…. When it started, the orchestra started playing and it was amazing! (Cillian)…


Can you spot us? We were in the top right hand corner.

See can you find any familiar faces in the gallery!

Photos by AM Photo Star.

My name is Grace and my experience at the Peace Proms was amazing! When we arrived at the RDS we heard the orchestra for the first time and went through all the songs…After the whole thing was over, we went to ‘Apple Green’ and we went to ‘Burger King’. Everyone in our class sat together and we had a great time..(Grace)…Listening to the orchestra inspired me and it taught me how lovely it is to hear them playing and singing in time to the rhythm….It felt like magic and looked like the stars all lifted at once. I looked at my friend at the end of the song and exchanged thoughts on the magical lights. (Lucy)...The orchestra and singers, instrumentalists and dancers impressed me most! Lots of work must have been done!(Iga)…My favourite part of ‘Peace Proms’ was when we were finished our songs and we could listen to all the other singers and violinists. (Lorcan)…My favourite song was ‘Can’t stop the Feeling’ and ‘History’....the concert was really good and ‘Peace Proms’ was the best ever! (Sophie)... My favourite part of the concert was when we all got up and started dancing when the lady was singing. The songs I loved the most were ‘Pop Medley’ and ‘The Voice’ (Charlotte)…I thought it would be different schools competing against each other. I felt really nervous but after I sang the first song I didn’t feel so nervous…..we sang Disney songs, Pop songs and Annie songs. (Callum)…I loved ‘Peace Proms’ because the audience sang with us. I enjoyed ‘Irelands Call’ because everyone waved their hands in the air and sang along. I loved the orchestra and the conductor was really great! …I also enjoyed when we gave Ms. Beirne a sour sweet –her face was priceless! (Amber)…When we arrived, we were shocked to see how many children were there! Apparently there was 2500 children singing .What impressed me was how good the soloists were, especially the girl with the orange hair.(Eimear)…We felt like we were in a proper concert. The whole thing was really enjoyable, I’m delighted I decided to go.(Jillian)…When we weren’t singing, we were listening to the orchestra. When we sang, the lights were really bright.(Ellen)…The Irish dancers were really cool.All the different coloured lights looked great…..I liked doing all the dances.(Ava)…My favourite part was when we were singing ‘Heal the World’, everyone had their phone light on. It looked like a thousand stars up in the midnight sky. (Cara)…My favourite song was ‘Pop Medley’. All the teachers were really funny. They sang along with us.(Emma)…I felt very joyful. I saw a woman wearing a green dress. She was out of this world the way she could move her fingers to the beat. My favourite part was when we got a clap from the crowd.(Kellie)…My favourite song was ‘The Best Day of my Life’. I felt happy at the ‘Peace Proms’. Mam and Dad and Seán were there. Mam took lots of videos. They loved it…so did Seán. (Jack)…What impressed me was ‘Heal the World’, everyone turned on their phone torches. It felt like we were in space with lots of stars.(Tom)...I wish I could go again. I had such a good time. It was my best weekend ever! (Jade)…I thought it was a great experience for the class and for me! It was loud but fun. The music between the songs was very entertaining. It was enjoyable for singers and the audience. (Matthew)…The orchestra were very talented and one day, I hope I will play an instrument as good as one of them. I would like to thank Ms. Harney and all the teachers for arranging it and it was definitely the highlight of my year. It was incredible to hear the soloists performing and I would love to be able to sing like them. Overall, the Peace Proms was an amazing experience and I would definitely do it again.(Isobel)

0n  Sunday, February 5th, I had to get up really early to prepare for the Dublin’ Peace Proms’. We travelled by bus to the RDS to perform with two thousand other children. We went to perform some amazing songs in front of a big audience. What impressed me most was the amount of people that came to watch us perform! It was really exciting! I thought it was a great experience to see lots of different children from lots of different schools! (Jamie)…I loved all the songs but my favourite part was ‘Ireland’s Call’ I wish this page was bigger so I could tell you everything that happened. I wish I could go there every day of my life!  I loved it. (Merisa)…My favourite song was ‘Together we are one’. The thing that impressed me most was when all the torches came on at the same time. (Ruby)…My favourite song was ‘Ireland’s Call’. Everyone joined together as one. It was the most exciting day of my life. I loved it… (Niamh)…I was in the yellow block with Hillary, Tom, Florence, Abbie, Ellen and Iga. Our teacher was Mrs. Doyle. It was really exciting. I wish I could go again. (Ella Sophia)…My favourite part of the concert was when we sang the song ‘Together’. It’s a really catchy song! These were my favourite lines…..’We’re strong when we walk together..together we can sing much louder, louder than any voice alone..’(Vernise)...Everyone wore a  white top and black trousers. When we got to the RDS , we had a practice. There were two thousand children there! I loved it!......and I loved the bagpipes! (Ceara)…When the’ Peace Proms’ was over, we went back to the bus and went to ‘Apple Green’ where there was ‘Burger King’ And ‘Costa’. It was a really fun day. The day after that, my throat was sore but overall, it was a great day. (Tom)…My favourite songs were ‘Ireland’s Call’, ‘Together we are one’, and the ‘Disney Melody’.(Kayla)… My favourite song that the orchestra played was the’ Star Wars’ song and my favourite song that we sang was ‘I just can’t wait to be King’ (Florence)…I loved the Peace Proms.. it was the best, the best bits were ‘Apple Green’ and the bus. I hope we go there next year !(Abbie)…My favourite part of the ‘Peace Proms’ was when everyone put on their phone torches and waved them in the air. We got back on the bus and went to ‘Apple Green’ and Tom and I found the massage chairs.(Adam)…My Mum, Dad, brothers and Granny were there. I was sitting beside Nathan and Patrick. (Brian)…When we got there we had our lunch and found our seats and had a practice. When we started, people were playing music and they played ‘Pirates of the Carribbean’. (Patrick)…When we got back from ‘Peace Proms’, we were all tired. The school was dark and scary! Thanks to all the staff that came-I really hope to go back soon.(Midi)…My favourite song was ‘The Voice’. It was far away in Dublin with Fourth class, Fifth class and the teachers. (Kevin)... When my partner Niamh and I were on the bus, we were either talking, colouring or feeling very excited! (Moya)…I was really excited and nervous! When I saw the orchestra, my heart stopped a beat! They all looked very impressive. (Emily)…I loved Peace Proms, I wish I could do it all over again! My favourite song was ‘Smile’. (Eiméar)…On the way up on the bus, we saw busy streets. I felt very happy up in Dublin….On the way back, I had my own seat. This was good because I could go to sleep. (Kodie)…When it was time to sing and do the actions, I was a bit nervous. In the end I was not nervous. (Hillary)…My favourite part was when a very special guest came out for ‘Ireland’s Call,. My favourite song was ‘Together we are one’. (Nathan)…The people sang and did Irish Dancing…I wish I could do it again, I felt really happy…..It was the best day of my life. (Aobha)...  My favourite part was the opening. The opening music was beautiful. The funny part was when the violin soloist’s violin broke on stage! (Lucy)…I loved getting to spend the whole day with my friends and singing with everyone….it was great! (Laura)…My favourite song was the’ Star Wars’ songs. We had a good time. (John)….My favourite song was one that the soloist sang called ‘Purple Rain’,….We all got a kid’s meal and a hot chocolate in Costa. I won a ball and two teddies. (Naoishé)...I went to Peace Proms today! I loved it! The whole class went with me! The Fifth Class came too ! (Zoe)

The choir from 4th and 5th classes had a hugely enjoyable day taking part in the Peace Proms 2017 concert in the R.D.S on Sunday February 6th. Read all about it below and check out the pictures of the choir in action.



On Saturday 31st of January, 4th and 5th classes from Coosan N.S went to the RDS in Dublin to sing in the choir for Peace Proms. There was an orchestra to play each song as well. We were accompanied by Ms Harney, Ms Thompson, Mr Reynolds, Ms Lantry, Ms Elliot and Ms Doyle.


We left the school at 9.30. We arrived at the RDS at 11.00. Then we went backstage and went to the bathroom. There were lots of schools there.


Then we had a rehearsal with the orchestra. They played the songs we sang. I saw lots of instruments-there were flutes, violins, drums, trumpets and more.


After that we went backstage and had lunch and went to the bathroom again. Then it was showtime. The orchestra played a few songs and the conductor conducted. I saw my mam, my dad, my brother, my sister and my granny. Then we sang. It was fun singing and dancing in front of everyone. There were jazz dancers in red dresses and Irish dancers and for the Monster Medley people dressed up. It was lots of fun.


After it was over, we got back on the bus. We stopped at Applegreen. We got Burger King and sweets. Then we got back on the bus and went back to school. We got back at 9.00.


It was lots of fun. I loved all the instruments. I’d love to do it all again.


My favourite part of Peace Proms was...

when all the other acts performed. These included singers, dancers, violin players and lots of other instruments played but my favourite was the violin. I had an extremely good day.

...when I got to see the whole orchestra. I also saw a lot of instruments that I hadn’t seen before-harp, bass drums and bagpipes. I liked the bagpipes because they looked and sounded silly.

...when we were singing the Monster Medley. We sang the Aadam’s family, Attacks of the Killer Tomatoes and Ghostbusters. It was my favourite because some of the teachers were dressed up for the songs. There were two people in wigs and in costumes, a person tin Ghostbusters thins and a big Marshmallow Man.

...when the orchestra played James Bond songs. It was loud but still fantastic.

…seeing the orchestra, There were lots of drums and trumpets. There were bagpipes and dancers too. It was really cool.

...when we sang the Monster medley because there were people dressed up as monster and ghosts. It was really funny!

...when the Irish dancers did a really nice routine. The name of the dance school was ‘Dwyer School of Irish Dance’. They were all very good dancers.

...when we sang the Monster Medley because there were people dressed up as monster and ghosts. It was really funny!

...when I saw a girl playing the violin and she gave a great performance. It was a great experience but also extremely frightening because there were a lot of people watching us.

...when we sang the Monster medley because there was funny dancers and people dressed up in monster costumes!

...when we were singing the Monster Medley. People came dressed as monsters. It was very funny. I could hardly sing, I was too busy watching the monsters.

..the Monster medley because people came out and was running away from the Ghostbusters-it was soooo funny!

...was the bus ride-it was great banter.

...when we were doing the Monster Medley because some of the Aadam’s family, some of the characters from the Blob, the Ghostbusters and Marshmallow man were there.


The talented Cross Border Orchestra were brilliant. I saw a girl play the violin and she gave a fantastic performance. It was an experience of a lifetime. My favourite part was on the bus.

We had a great brilliant time. There were 3000 people watching us. There were 1000 children, incuding us, singing ‘Let it go’, ‘Happy’ and lots more. My favourite part was the bus ride up. My least favourite part was waiting in line for my chicken nuggets and chips. There were 30 people in the orchestra playing wonderful music. I hope I can do this all again.

We had an awesome time. I was amazed how many children were there, around 300 or more kids and 1000 people watching! My favourite song was Ghostbusters. On the way back we stopped at the Applegreen.

We met the talented Cross Border Orchestra and we had a great time. We saw the girl playing the violin. My favourite part was the bus and the performance and my least favourite part was waiting for my food.

We had a joyful time. It was a fantastic experience but also lots of other schools were there. The talented Cross Border Orchestra were brilliant. I saw a girl play the violin and she gave an amazing act. Then on the way back we got Burger King.

We had an amazing time and also went to Burger King.

Peace Proms was all amazing but I have to say my favourite part was Apple green and the back of the bus! We got loads of rubbish at Burger King and the little shop. On the bus we were singing and dancing! We played loads of tricks on each other.



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