Homework is part of a continuous learning process and in Coosan NS we regard homework as very important in the learning process.

We wish to make you aware of the following-If a child is ill and misses school for a length of time, the class teacher may provide the class homework on request.  If, however, a child misses school for a length of time, through holidays, class homework will not be provided.

Allergies/ Medication:


The school generally advocates the self-administration of medicine (i.e inhalers) under the supervision of a responsible adult, exercising the standard of care of a prudent parent. It is important therefore, that parents ensure that class teachers are made aware (in writing) of any medical condition suffered by any child in their class.


The daily rolls are now tabulated using a computerised system. Any child who is not in class before 10.30 am will be marked absent, unless a written note has been sent to the class teacher the previous day.

Children collected from school before 3p.m:

We are aware that children must attend medical/dental appointments etc. and may have to leave school early occasionally. Tusla, the Child and Family Agency, requires that these appointments are recorded on our daily roll.

With this in mind, any child being collected early from school must be signed out by the parent/guardian collecting the student and signed in on return.

The ‘Sign-out Book’ for each class is located outside your child’s classroom. If you are collecting your child at break time, please sign your child out in the ‘Sign-out Book’ in the office.



School Insurance and Child Safety:

Please note that the children are supervised from 9.20am to 3.00pm each school day. While of course the school grounds are open to the pupils, the school cannot accept responsibility for children arriving before the official opening of the school or remaining on the school grounds after school. 



Appointments with teachers:

As you are aware, parents/guardians are always welcome to our school.

It is school policy, however, that, should any parent(s)/guardian(s) wish to speak with a teacher, he/she is welcome to do so provided he/she makes an appointment with our secretary, Pauline. This reduces any disruption to class activity. It also ensures that teachers in the infant classes are able to concentrate on the safe delivery of all infant children to parents/guardians/ minders at 2pm. We thank you for your co-operation in this matter.

PARKING: The Board of Management, Staff and Parent's Association are still concerned about parking at the school at 9.20 a.m. and 3.00 p.m. We urge everybody to park with care and be vigilant of children making their way to and from the school gate. Please respect disabled parking spaces as these are for designated persons only. 



Time Keeping: The majority of pupils in our school are punctual in the morning. Classes begin at 9.20am sharp. It is quite disruptive when children arrive after this time. This is unfair both on pupils and teachers. Your co-operation with the school uniform and healthy lunches was and is appreciated. We hope for the same support with punctuality.



Birthdays:  We would appreciate if birthday invitations were distributed outside of school hours to prevent upset. 

We have children with a variety of allergies in our school.  In the interest of child safety, we ask that you refrain from sending in treats for the whole class as a birthday celebration. 

Supervision of Pupils: Please note that the children are supervised from 9.20am–3pm each school day.  The school grounds are open to the pupils but we cannot accept responsibility for children arriving before the official opening of the school or remaining on the grounds after school.

Spare Clothing Pack:

A word of thanks to parent(s)/guardians who sent in spare clothing in case of an accident. This has been a successful initiative. If your child has used the clothing, please replace same.

 If you have not sent in spare clothing, please do so in January. In September, we proposed that each child brought a compact labelled pack into his/her class teacher containing spare tracksuit bottoms, underwear and socks. These packs are stored in a press in the classroom.

Should your child need to change during the school day this year, his/her spare clothing will be used. Any child without a spare pack receives a phone call to parent(s)/guardian(s) to bring in clothing on the day or bring the child home.




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