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To all of the boys and girls in we come close to the summer holidays, the teachers and staff have something that they would like to say!

Per Cent for Art Scheme

As part of our Per Cent for Art Scheme for Coosan National School, we had a number of entries to create something unique for us. After a selection process we were proud to choose Lorcan Dunne as our artist. Lorcan is a qualified stone waller and banker mason. He has worked with stone for the past 20 years and has worked in most aspects of the stone business, from dry stone walling to ornate architectural stone details and sculpture. He earned his apprenticeship with the very prestigious Les Compagnon Du Devoir in France in 2005 and has worked on many historical sites in Ireland and abroad. Lorcan also happens to be a parent in our Coosan School Community.

The first sculpture Lorcan created is situated up on the double height space above the entrance hall. The number three was a big influence for this piece. Firstly the three arches which represent the three quarters of Coosan. The arches themselves can be broken down into three main categories, the round arch, the pointed arch and the parabolic arch. The arches themselves are be made from different materials. The round arch in wood, the pointed arch in stone and the parabolic in brick. This gives reference to the school’s humble beginning. Starting from the hedge school, then the first stone built school, to the modern day block and brick building we have today. The bridge itself represents a bridge of education which is in reference to the children’s growth . The river was created using different brightly coloured stones in a mosaic form and represents the river of knowledge flowing through that bridge.  The end of the arched bridge depicts an explosion of the worlds possibilities through education. This was done by using  a mix of mosaic art and stone figures. Lorcan wanted to bring an element of fun to the piece so decided to use stickman art which all kids can relate. These figures speak a message to the children, the idea that anything is possible.



















The piece that Lorcan designed in our entrance hall shows off just what a skilled craftsman he is. He is a classically trained stone carver and has shown some amazing technique in this piece of Slate. The piece will be finished later in the summer which will be made up of a tree consisting of stones handpicked by the children in Coosan National School. The branches of this tree will then join onto the slate as it supports the carving. We are so excited for what Lorcan has created and we cannot wait to see both pieces completed and ready for our new school term in September 2020 to welcome back our students.



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