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Active Week 2021

Sports Practice

Road to Toyko

High Jump
With the help of Ms. Manning, Coosan NS participated in the 'Road to Toyko Challenge' during the month of June. This is where students log their activity to their school or class team and travel virtually to Tokyo with Team Ireland. Ms. Cleary (Senior Infants) and Ms. Manning (2nd class) received gorgeous badges and bags from Team Ireland for submitting their fantastic artwork. Check out the images below! Maybe some of these shining stars might be competing in 2034.


This year, we celebrated ‘Active Schools Week’ from May 7th-10th . WE HAD SO MUCH FUN!!!


We started our week on Tuesday with football, swimming and "student take-over" where pupils from 5th and 6th class became the teachers.

They prepared, organised and taught P.E lesson to some of the Junior classes. 

On Wednesday, Junior and Senior Infants went to Rinka with Sandra and Ivana while the rest of the school participated in basketball with Paddy!





Thursday was another busy day with

Kickboxing for everybody and nutrition talks

for the Senior classes.






















Friday was our last day of Active Week and we ended it with a bang! We had Gym Instructors from the Hodsan Bay Hotel in for all classes, nutrition talks for the Junior classes and......

5th Class V Teachers in a Dodgeball tournament! 
















hodsan bay.png

We also spent 10 minutes outside every day

running laps of the yard and pitch to train for

the Coosan Loop Fun Run on Sunday 12th May.

We really had the best week, thank you so much to all of the trainers who came to our school to make our Active Week extra special!! It was jam-packed and and so much fun (although I think the

teachers need to train a bit harder for the next tournament)......