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Mr. Ronaldson's class did some fantastic experimenting by creating Oobleck, investing blood and the blood stream and they also did some delicious baking!


Test Tube
Test Tube

Ms. Mannings 2nd Class were very busy indeed. They made some bubbling witches brew, did some investigating with magnets and a dancing raisins experiment. They also drew some plans for electrical inventions to help them do jobs they don't like and they are attempting to grow some beans in the classroom! Fingers crossed!

Ms. Arthurs class got creative by creating catapults and investigating materials for parachutes!

Ms. Waterstone's class had a jam packed week. They investigated the PH scale, made Oobleck and created Lava Lamps. They also made some Volcanoes in art that they hope will 'errupt next week. They made a tower of cups (without touching the cups) using team work after studying forces and they finished the week off with a zoom call from a real scientist to test the suitability of an ointment on wasp stings.

Ms. Walsh's 4th class got up close and personal with the habitats around our school as well as investigating forces while creating parachutes.